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Leaders in price growth, or Who is at the very bottom



Argentina, against the background of the devaluation of the national currency in December, faced a sharp jump in prices – inflation accelerated to 211% from 161%. Lebanon is in second place, where the rate of price growth over the year increased by 70 percentage points to 192%. The top three is completed by Venezuela, where inflation slowed to 190% from 234% a year earlier. The top five also includes Turkey (65%) and Sierra Leone (52%).

The maximum inflation values in Europe at the end of the year were in Iceland (7.7%), and the lowest in Italy (0.7%). In the Middle East, Lebanon became the leader in price growth, while the most modest rate of price growth was in Oman (0.5%). Among Asian countries, prices increased the most over the year in Pakistan, and the least in Georgia (0.4%).