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Artificial intelligence about trading strategy in financial markets



Artificial intelligence, or more precisely, a neural network, was asked to search for the so-called Grail in financial markets. This is how he answered succinctly and clearly:

The Grail is a pre-thought-out algorithm of actions that allows you to quickly achieve your financial goal at an optimal level of risk. At the same time, he asked clarifying questions:

What is the goal and how quickly should it be achieved?

What are the main trading assets?

What is their volatility level?

Which time frame is the main one for analysis, and which one for trading?

What tools are used to search for a signal?

Which instruments provide the main signal and which provide an additional signal?

What combination of signals is used to place a market or pending order to exit the market?

What are the rules for risk management?

How is the volume of the first trade and the volume of subsequent trades calculated in case of profit or loss?

How are stop loss and take profit levels calculated?

What is the maximum allowable total loss?

Draw your conclusions, gentlemen, even the supercomputer believes that without a strategy it’s impossible. Do you have a strategy?