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What to Expect Once Spot BTC-ETFs Are Approved



We all know that in financial markets, and in any other markets, even those where we buy vegetables and fruits, the law of supply and demand works. If we want to buy something, then someone must sell it to us. Same with Bitcoin. The BTC-ETH spot approval project attracted huge additional capital into this industry, and the leading economic media inflated the news hype and the attractiveness of investing in this project, where, most likely, even the most ordinary novice trader was buying everything related to Bitcoin in anticipation of the stormy growth of bitcoin assets. Everything happened the way it usually happens in financial markets: everyone wants to buy, but there is no one to sell it all. But when the demand for Bitcoin falls, and inexperienced traders lose their nerve due to fears of losing their deposit and closing unprofitable positions by the broker on margin calls, then it will begin to grow, and the big guys from Wall Street will set up their baskets to catch gold eggs on forced sales by inexperienced traders.

SkyBridge Capital founder Anthony Scaramucci said the current sell-off in BTC is due to selling pressure in Grayscale’s spot BTC-ETF (#GBTC) and the selling of the FTX position. He expects the selling pressure to subside in the next 6-8 trading days.

Know and study the mechanics of the market, gentlemen. The law of the concrete jungle will exist everywhere for a long time until the current economy takes on a new form, but this will probably not happen in this world.