Đánh giá thị trường

Everyone has their own way of surviving



2023 can be marked by a turning point in the history of the economies of various countries. The rise in the cost of energy resources and the consumer principle of people’s living are increasingly provoking large technology companies to rush to create something new. Hired engineers and managers work according to the corporate American labor system, where it doesn’t matter what you do and how, but what matters is what the semi-annual report will be, and with mandatory growth dynamics. There are, of course, two sides of the coin. On the one hand, the consumer is now the engine of progress. The more he wants something new, the less the head of a large company sleeps, thinking about how to satisfy the needs of the consumer. On the other hand, such an image of the economy destroys in people a sense of value for things.

For example, Apple, despite the slowdown in global demand for smartphones, plans to raise prices for some models by $100 next week and, amid a slowdown in purchasing power, will try to increase revenue from fans who will all the same buy the company’s product at any price. Apparently, the new iPhone 15 model did not cause euphoria and rush demand, so another way was found to achieve the level of planned profit.