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The economy is under the influence of Trump. What awaits traders?



On the eve of the US elections, financial markets traditionally experience a rush. Former President Donald Trump, being not only a politician, but also a businessman, takes an active position in the election race. He is leading despite various political controversies.

In January 2024, the meme coin TRUMP, likely launched specifically for the elections, saw a 10,000% increase since its launch. Shares of Trump-linked companies are also posting significant gains. This is especially noticeable after the decision of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to withdraw from the presidential race. For example, DWAC shares are up 200% year to date.

The previous years of the Trump administration were favorable for American stock markets. Over two years, indices have grown by more than 30%. Even without significant risks, ordinary citizens could invest in the stock markets and earn income.

Current trends and technical analysis indicate that markets are preparing for a new president. Stephen Suttmyer of Bank of America predicts a continuation of the bull market. In April, the S&P 500 will enter its 11th year of a long run that began in 2013. Historical bull market cycles have lasted between 16 and 20 years, suggesting the current market could last into the late 2020s.

All these factors indicate a likely continuation of growth in US stocks. Donald Trump plays a key role in this process, whose activity and charisma make a significant contribution to economic trends. Traders should be careful and not miss the opportunities provided by the current economic situation. At ONEBID you can sell or buy shares of leading American companies, taking advantage of the market situation.