April 01 – April 30


Conditions of the Cashback 50% promotion

1. The “Cashback 50%” promotion runs from April 1 to April 30, 2024.

2. Participants in the promotion earn up to $10 per lot traded, returning 50% of their costs on the spread or trading commission.

3. The maximum amount of Cashback that a client can receive on each trading account as part of the Promotion is $1,000. The number of client trading accounts participating in the promotion is not limited.

4. Cashback will be credited to clients’ trading accounts until May 10, 2024. Cashback can be withdrawn completely without restrictions.

5. All trading accounts that meet the following conditions are eligible to participate in the promotion:

5.1 Trading account type used: Standard or ECN.

5.2. Trading turnover on the trading account during the promotion period for currency pairs is more than 10 lots.

5.3. The sum of all deposits on the trading account during the promotion period is more than $1,000.

5.4. No withdrawals from the trading account during the promotion period.

A lot is considered traded after completing the full cycle, that is, opening and closing a transaction. Thus, when opening a transaction with a volume of 1 lot and its subsequent closing, the traded volume will be 1 lot.

6. The Cashback amount does not take into account trading turnover, or its equivalent, due to bonus funds received by the client for other promotions.

7. In order to prevent abuse of the terms of the Promotion, the Company reserves the right, without warning, to refuse crediting Cashback at any time at its sole discretion.

8. By joining this Promotion, the Client confirms that he has read and fully agrees with these terms of the Promotion and undertakes not to send the Company any claims regarding the rules of the Promotion or the measures taken by the Company in accordance with these terms.