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Welcome trading bonus
Conditions of the Welcome Bonus promotion

1. The “Welcome Bonus” promotion is available from January 1 to December 31, 2024

2. The size of the “Welcome Bonus” within the Promotion is 50 USD.

3.To receive the “Welcome Bonus” you must:

3.1. Register on the website www.onebidasset.com and go through verification in the Personal Area (KYC).

3.2. Open a real trading account NANO. Replenish your trading account with an amount not less than 10 USD and do not withdraw funds for 30 days.

3.3. Send an application for a “Welcome Bonus” to bonus@onebidasset.com from the e-mail address provided during registration, indicating in the application the trading account number for accruing the Bonus.

4. If the client opened a trading account before the launch of this Promotion and has not previously received a Bonus, then he can qualify for the “Welcome Bonus”.

5. The Client receives the “Welcome Bonus” once during the Promotion period, regardless of the total number of trading accounts.

6. The “Welcome Bonus”, as well as the profit received, are fully available for trading. To prevent abuse of the terms of the Promotion the profit received is available for withdrawal after 30 days from the date the bonus was accrued, provided that the trading turnover is equal to or more than 5 lots.

A lot is considered traded after completing the full cycle, that is, opening and closing a transaction. Thus, when opening a transaction with a volume of 1 lot and its subsequent closing, the traded volume will be 1 lot. When calculating traded turnover, orders with a lifetime of more than 300 seconds are taken into account.

7. “Welcome Bonus” is credited to the trading account in the “Credit” column and debited from the trading account after 30 days from the date of accrual. In case of forced closure of trading orders due to Stop Out, the negative result of the trading account is brought to zero, and the Bonus is written off ahead of schedule automatically.

8. After 30 days from the date of crediting the “Welcome Bonus”, the Bonus amount is debited from the Client’s trading account.

9. The “Welcome Bonus”, as well as the trading result obtained at its expense, are debited from the account in full and ahead of schedule in the event that the Promotion is disconnected from the Client due to his violation of the rules of this Promotion.

10. As part of this Promotion, the “Welcome Bonus” is intended solely to increase the Client’s funds available for trading. In order to prevent abuse of the terms of the Promotion, the Company reserves the right, without warning, at any time at its sole discretion, to refuse to credit the bonus or to write off the bonus. Such measures may be taken by the Company, including in the event of suspicions that the bonus has been received by one person managing several interconnected Personal Accounts.

11. By joining this Promotion and receiving the “Welcome Bonus”, the Client confirms that he has read and fully agrees with these terms of the Promotion and undertakes not to send the Company any claims regarding the rules for using the “Welcome Bonus” or the measures taken by the Company in accordance with these terms.